Soi Nu Organic and Medicine of Beauty Partnership



(pssst...if you click on the title it takes you to her Etsy to buy all the things) 

In about 2 weeks along with another HUGE announcement, Soi Nu Organic and I will be launching a face mask that will just leave you feeling like the most pampered, expensive, lavish woman in the world at a fraction of the cost.

I will leave that information for it's own Blog, but until then please enjoy the interview I had with its founder/owner and one of my dearest friends, Amanda Geiger!

take it awayyyyyyyyy Mandy...

Hi Mandy! Thank you so much for joining us today and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to partner with Soi Nu.

Yes I’m looking forward to it! Thank you for reaching out. 

I have had the pleasure of using these products for several months now and the difference in my skin is astounding.  Your products are so well formulated and balanced -  I must know your secret!!!

Thank you! Like many people, I have very sensitive skin. During my adolescence I couldn’t experiment with products or make-up like most young girls can. I started on a journey to understand my skin and understand how to accommodate it. This led me to a deep love affair with skin care and products in general. I’ve spent the better part of twenty years learning about different elements, oils, clays/muds - you name it. All the secrets lie in what the natural components can provide. For example, a lot of people don’t know that broccoli can be incredibly revitalizing for your skin. Most people look at it as a side dish at dinner. 

Where did the inspiration for Soi Nu come from ?

Soi Nu, meaning “naked self” came to be in the upstairs room of a small coffee shop in BIg Bear Lake, CA - Moonridge Coffee. I was brainstorming different ways to use and breakdown an Orchid plant when I realized I could use my experience and knowledge to create something. I’ve always been health conscious and I felt like Soi Nu was an industry I could contribute to in a valuable manner. Naked Self was important because I wanted every product to be as close to the earth as possible, meaning women (and men) were still staying true to themselves- as they naturally are - when they use my products. 

The first product I got to try was the Black Rose and Chamomile Dead Sea Mask.  I had always stayed away from masks intending to draw out impurities and dry down skin due to my skin always being very dry.   However – I believed in you and your product and I’m so happy I did.  The mask is purifying without over drying…how are you able to achieve this??

It’s a delicate balance when you use elements such as Israeli Dead Sea Mud. You want to benefit from the natural minerals, clean your skin, AND hydrate. This mask took me six years to perfect and remains one of the best products I offer. It’s loaded with raw butters and hydrating oils of different grades to allow for optimal moisturizing. 

I know that you work relentlessly to ensure that your products are authenticated from their origin – tell me a little about how you choose your suppliers.  I feel like it’s very important for our customers to understand the great lengths you go to, to ensure the quality of your ingredients.

Choosing a supplier can take months. I only use certified organic ingredients, and if I can’t get an ingredient that’s organic (or naturally sourced like the Israeli Dead Sea Mud - which is shipped here directly from Jordan) I will most likely not use it. It’s important that we work with companies who ethically source their products as well. For example buying raw, organic AND ethically sourced Cocoa was tricky but we eventually found a great supplier. 

What are your favorite products?

From my own line or others?! ;)

From my own, the Black Rose Chamomile is perfect. It’s been my go to mask for many years. Along with BCR I love love love the Rose Toner. This hasn’t been released yet but it’s coming in a full Rose line. I use it every single day. 

If I’m not using my own products, I absolutely love Fig + Yarrow and Herbivore Botanicals. I love everything I have ever purchased from either company. 


You’re a full time mother – wife – and entrepreneur…how do you find work/life balance?

It can be challenging at times but I make it a priority to listen to myself and what I need. Taking personal time to stay centered is the key to any success I may find ahead. I’m lucky to have an amazing support system in my husband, family and a powerful group of friends. At the end of the day I can be proud of the Mother I am, and that only motivates and inspires me to work harder and take risks. My children have been strong, powerful lights in my life and I would fail them (and myself) if I did not try to be the same. 


What can we expect to see from Soi Nu in the next 12-18 months? I mean, in addition to our COLLAB!!!

I’m an ambitious woman, and have high high hopes for Soi Nu. In the next 12-18 months I hope to continue to learn and grow alongside my company. What’s most important to me is the benefit I can provide to others without having to load everything up with chemicals. 

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