Well, hi!  

Welcome to Medicine of own little Wonderland of beauty, babes and bullies (the 4 legged kind, don't worry).

I'm Kate :) A lot of people call me Maeve, but that is a story for another day.  Please feel free to call me either.  I have an incredible daughter, named Cosette, 3 rescue Pit Bulls and a very bearded boyfriend.  So, to say I have my hands full is an understatement!  

We are somewhat recent transplants to Oahu - by way of our hometown Washington, DC - and are loving every minute of life on this beautiful island.

I'm pretty bad at talking about myself, so let's get the rather mundane details out of the way.  I am from the suburbs of Washington, DC - spent some time in LA - and finally have settled here on Oahu.  I have been a professional Makeup Artist for over ten years and have worked closely with numerous prestigious cosmetic lines.  

Friends and clients have been asking me to blog for years and I am extremely excited to be at a place in my life where that is possible.

Let's see...

Things I love:

  • my daughter
  • my dogs
  • wing eyeliner
  • the beach
  • orchids
  • pizza

Things I'm not crazy about:

  • glitter - yes seriously - it gets everywhere!!!!
  • spiders - I don't feel the need to elaborate
  • prolonged cold weather - a visit is lovely, but give me beach or give me death
  • avocado - okay I went too far didn't I...we are fighting aren't we? Forgive me?!?

I pride myself in being an open book, and much to my chagrin sometimes, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  So, please feel free to ask away...I want to hear from you...I want to connect with you...I want to hear your story.  

Everything we do, we do with purpose.  And most things we choose because we like them...the shirt you bought...the glasses...the specific beach you choose...your shoes.  All chosen because they make you feel good - and choosing how you feel beautiful is no different.


It's important to me that each of my clients/friends understand that my role is to help you feel like the absolute best version of matter what that is.

Through blogging, I'll take you on my journey...and I hope you'll bring me along for yours.